Vauban Vulnerability Management Services™ (V²MS™)

Engage and Understand – V²MS™ is a proprietary and bespoke service which enables understanding first. It is a comprehensive enterprise level Cyber Security Assessment that focusses on the organisation’s information services and considers all aspects of cyber related to people, process, policy and technology.

The service, supported by other security assurance technologies, has been specifically designed to look below the surface and deliver deeper evaluation and enable a clear assessment of an organisation’s ability to identify, protect and defend business critical information against cyber threats. This approach is considered in accordance with applicable enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) or legislative requirements and may lead to a measurable reduction in information services cyber security risk. V²MS™ helps organisations determine activities that are critical to service delivery, prioritise expenditures and maximise the impact of any cyber security investment.

Enterprise Cyber Security Management® (ECSM®)

Deliver and Protect – ECSM® is Vauban’s proprietary concept, and is a registered trademark, that underpins all of our services and solutions. Its associated platform facilitates the deployment of tailored cyber solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Integration of our solutions into an organisation enhances cyber protection capabilities to defend against a myriad of cyber threats from both external and internal threat vectors.

The platform has a ‘standard’ offering which addresses universal threats which can be augmented in a plug and play fashion to allow a fully flexible cyber security provision. This provides an end to end solution that incorporates existing customer security infrastructure with new cyber technologies to provide the best level of cyber defence for the business.